Here the results of a couple of MATLAB simulations I made in connection with the computational physics course (1FA573) I taugth at Uppsala University. The projects to which these simulations correspond are taken from the course book "Computational Physics" by Koonin and Meredith.

In connection to project 7, in the computational physics course, here are some movies I made using MATLAB illustrating in how the concentration, X(x,y,t), of a chemical involved in the Brusselator reaction  evolves through time.  Here the concentration, X, is shown as a function of the x- and y-cordinate. The color coding goes from blue (low concentration) to red (high concentration). The different examples correspond to different initial conditions. To run the movies, click on the equations below. For more details on the differential equations used to simulate this reaction see  S. Koonins Book, p. 189-194